ErgoAirTip 14mm HVE Tip
ErgoAirtip 50pcs
ErgoAirTip 14mm HVE Tip
ErgoAirTip on ErgoFinger® S-M 14mm HVE Tip
ErgoAirTip on ErgoFinger® L-XL 14mm HVE Tip

ErgoAirtip 50pcs


ErgoAirtip package contains:

  • 50 pieces of ErgoAirtip nozzles (bore size 14mm)
  • 1 User Manual

ErgoAirtip is a disposable, interchangeable nozzle meant to be used in the air-polishing procedures together with the ErgoFinger® HVE.

ErgoAirtip is a wider nozzle explicitly designed for the air-polishing procedures to be used together with the ErgoFinger® HVE to remove the powder and aerosols effectively and accurately.

The ErgoAirtip nozzle differs from the standard nozzle part in its design, and it has a wider diameter for suction to collect even more efficiently the powder and aerosols. ErgoAirtip is soft in the mouth of the patient and ergonomic for the user.

Sold separately 50 pcs.

*ErgoAirtip package does not include ErgoFinger® HVE S-M or L-XL as shown in the gallery.