ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit

ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit


ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit Package contains:

  • 1 lightweight hose
  • 1 autoclavable HVE valve + tailpiece
  • 1 User Manual

ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit is an accessory containing a lightweight hose together with an autoclavable suction valve which makes the use of the evacuation device more comfortable and ergonomic by reducing the overall weight for the operator’s hand and fingers.

The ErgoFinger® HVE tip is designed to be used with a lightweight evacuation hose and a lightweight HVE evacuation valve. It is not recommended to use the ErgoFinger® HVE Tip together with a heavy HVE hose and a heavy HVE evacuation valve.