ErgoFinger® HVE In hand in use

A Revolutionary Wearable HVE.

ErgoFinger® provides continuous powerful aerosol evacuation, prevents cross-contamination, enhances visibility, and supports proper working ergonomics while improving patient satisfaction.

ErgoFinger® is the ultimate solution to minimizing the physical stress of a dental professional working without an assistant.

Powerful Aerosol Control.

ErgoFinger® with its nozzle bore size of 11mm reduces the aerosol contamination and effectively eliminates fluid and debris while performing power instrumentation procedures without an assistant. Studies show that an HVE having a bore size of at least 8mm removes 90-98% of aerosols arising from the operative site reducing the risks of cross-contamination.*

* Stephen K. Harrel, DDS and John Molinari, PhD, "Aerosols and splatter in dentistry," JADA, Volume 135, No 4, April 2004, p. 429-437.

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360° Rotating Nozzle. Catch The Splatters.

It is advisable to capture the spray and splatter from the handpiece, ultrasonic scaler, or air polisher before it exits the mouth to reduce cross-contamination risks. With the ErgoFinger® you can achieve this precisely with no hassle.

ErgoFinger® has a 360° degrees rotating nozzle allowing the suction power to be directed accurately towards the working area to capture fluid, splatter, and aerosol directly from the source.

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Length Adjustability. For The First Time Ever.

With the nozzle's variable length, treatments are easier within any area in the oral cavity, making all operations naturally more efficient and accurate.

When working on the back teeth, for instance, the length can be extended in order to reach the deeper zones; while working on the front teeth, a shorter position can be used. The ErgoFinger® HVE with its air holes provide continuous airflow, reducing mucosal aspiration and risk of back-flow.

ErgoFinger with Mirror 11mm HVE Tip

Simultaneous Suction & Reflection For Indirect Vision.

ErgoFinger® can be used together with a mirror for indirect vision, retraction, and redirecting light to those spots where it is needed.

With the ability to keep the ErgoFinger® right next to the instrument's working end, it gives you the flexibility to manage water from pulling in areas.

To see the mirror in action with the ErgoFinger®, click here to watch the video.

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Designed For You And For Your Patient.

Thanks to the friendly, soft material and smooth, round edges of the nozzle, you can gently retract lip, cheek, or mucous membranes and protect soft tissues, making the elimination of fluid and debris from the oral cavity safe and pleasant for the patient. The unique air vents and cusps prevent the nozzle from remaining attached to the mucous membranes. The result is fluid removal that is efficient and visibility that is greatly improved.

Working Postures Just Got Better.

ErgoFinger® reduces poor posture strain, allowing a more comfortable and ergonomic position for the wrist, fingers, arm, and the neck and shoulder area when used together with our ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit.

Conducting clinical procedures, together with the ErgoFinger®, requires none of the harmful repetitive "pinch grip" and simultaneous awkward twisting of the wrist, allowing a more neutral wrist position. Notice that with the use of ErgoFinger®, both hands stay close to the patient's mouth, while the arm and elbow are always naturally close to the body, allowing the shoulders to stay down and relaxed. ErgoFinger® helps the clinician to maintain an ergonomic and balanced working posture.

ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit

So Lightweight You Can Lift It With Your Pinkie.

The ErgoFinger® is designed to be used with a lightweight evacuation hose system. Standard hoses and valves are heavy and make it challenging to work, increasing risks for Musculoskeletal Disorders, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Muscle Fatigue.

The ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit is the most lightweight Hose in the industry, weighing around 4 oz for the total system. On top of that, it is really flexible, making the use of ErgoFinger® HVE even better.

Webinars Live From The Clinic. No Smokescreens.

Let's face it: You have probably seen photos and videos on other HVE products that are animated or shown in an unnatural work environment, thus altering the reality of how a product works.

But what you have not seen is the product being used live. We know that the ErgoFinger® works the best, and that's why we are the ONLY provider who shows our product live and raw, so you as a dental professional can make a proper decision when seeing the ErgoFinger® in action.

Great products that truly work the way they are intended are not afraid to show the product being used live. We genuinely believe that in the end, the professional that uses the ErgoFinger® knows the advantage of why the ErgoFinger® is the best HVE tool there is.

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