Frequently asked questions

What are the steps to obtain a few samples for evaluation?

Thank you for your interest in the ErgoFinger®. We understand your desire to get hold of a few samples for evaluation before your first purchase. Unfortunately, due to high demand we are unable to fulfill the many request for free samples.

Kindly notice that the initial experience with the ErgoFinger® is like adding a new instrument to one’s instrument kit; and like with any new instrument it requires time to learn and adapt, for example just like adding and learning to use a new curette. Using the ErgoFinger® only a handful of times will not give you the proper needed experience. Taking some initial time watching the tutorial videos is the first thing to do for learning the proper techniques. Do consider that learning to use the ErgoFinger® takes multiple encounters. One ErgoFinger® package (50 pcs) is a good amount of products to get the best possible experience and benefits of using the new HVE tip.

Additionally the full benefits of the ErgoFinger® are best achieved with the use of a lightweight hose. In order to make sure the experience with the ErgoFinger® is nothing but the best, we know we would need to send a hose kit too, together with enough ErgoFinger® tips instead of just a handful. We are confident in our product and we strongly believe that with your money and time spent on your first purchase and training you will learn that you can’t practice without it thereafter.

Thank you in advance for joining the ErgoFinger® family!

Why ErgoFinger® is a disposable product instead of being reusable and autoclavable?

The reason why ErgoFinger® is a disposable, single-use product is to eliminate the likelihood of cross-contamination between patients. The design of ErgoFinger® with its small curved tubes might inhibit the cleaning agents from killing micro-organisms meaning the device might not become adequately decontaminated in the cleaning and disinfection process as required and thus the transition of the infections could happen.

WHO publication "Decontamination and reprocessing of medical devices for health-care facilities" states that devices with small lumens, such as catheters, drains and fine cannulae, should be designated for single-use only and not be reprocessed and reused. This kind of devices are difficult or impossible to clean once body fluids or tissues have entered them. Reusing single-use devices carries the obvious risk of cross-patient infection. This is why the ErgoFinger® must be a disposable, single-use product.

Generally speaking, cross-contamination is dangerous because people can get sick. There have been many instances, not only in dentistry, where there have been patient-to-patient or dentist-to-patient contractions of Hepatitis C, HIV, and much more. Bacteria and micro-organisms are consistently mutating and becoming resistant to current sterilization procedures. Dental staff need to be aware of this and utilize disposable items whenever possible. Today this aspect is even more important and actual in the light of ongoing Covid-19 epidemic.

How to determine a suitable ErgoFinger® size?

To properly find out your correct finger size, download our Finger Size Guide PDF. Print it and follow instructions.

Keep in mind that if your index finger's first knuckle size is less than 55mm in circumference, choose the ErgoFinger® S-M.

If your index finger's first knuckle size is greater than 55mm in circumference, choose ErgoFinger® L-XL.

How do I use the ErgoFinger® with the mirror?

ErgoFinger® can be used together with a mirror for indirect vision, for retraction, and for redirecting light to those spots, where it is needed. Watch our instructional video on how to use the ErgoFinger® with the mirror.

Kindly notice, that when using ErgoFinger®, the direct vision technique is recommended for most of the working areas, since the best possible aerosol control will be achieved, while the correct ergonomic working posture can be maintained.

The ErgoFinger® allows to use a new ergonomic operating technique when treating the different areas in the oral cavity. Instead of operating with the traditional way from 9 to 12 o´clock position, operating from 9 to 15 o´clock position is highly recommended with ErgoFinger®. Moving yourself around the patient’s head will assist you to always maintain a neutral and a comfortable working posture. You will gain a better access for different areas in the oral cavity. This additionally enables direct vision to the working area with the best possible aerosol control.

A proper patient positioning is also important for maintaining the best ergonomic working posture. Adjust the patient’s headrest to reach ergonomically appropriate working posture e.g using a chin-up position for the maxillary procedures and chin-down position for the mandibular procedures.

Why should I buy a ErgoFinger® Hose Kit?

The ErgoFinger® HVE tip is designed to be used with a lightweight evacuation hose and a lightweight HVE valve. The ErgoFinger®️ HVE Tip will fit in most HVE valves, but standard hoses and valves are heavy and make it more difficult to work with. We do not recommend using the ErgoFinger® HVE Tip together with a heavy HVE hose and a heavy HVE valve. Our HVE Hose Kit makes the difference due to the easier maneuverability allowed by the lower weight.

The ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit is an accessory containing a lightweight hose (which weighs in total less than 5 ounces!) together with an autoclavable HVE valve which makes the use of the evacuation device together with the ErgoFinger® HVE Tip comfortable and ergonomic by reducing the overall weight on the operator’s hand and fingers.

The ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit is very easy to install, and specific installations instructions are given on the user manual being provided together with the kit. The HVE valve is reusable and 100 % autoclavable.

What are the maintenance requirements for the ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit?

The HVE valve from the Hose kit is autoclavable but the HVE Hose is not.

After each treatment, between one patient and the next, the suction hose, valve and the tailpiece must be sprayed or wiped with a suitable disinfecting solution. Additionally, you should also aspirate a large glass of cold, clear water through the suction hose and valve after each patient is treated. However it is not necessary to sterilize the valve after each patient is treated, as this is an operation for the end of the day. As for the hose, at the end of the day an evacuation system cleaner should be used. Follow same standard infection control protocols as with any suction line.

Generally speaking, it is always best to consult the manufacturer of your dental units and evacuation system for recommendations on which cleaning and disinfecting products to use.

At the end of the day the HVE valve must be thermodisinfected at 93°C (199°F) and after it autoclaved at 134°C (273°F), 2.1 bar, 3min.
You might want to consider buying a few of the autoclavable HVE valves to ensure a pair is always readily disinfected and sterilized in case of a sudden need.

Why is my ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit whistling/making a loud noise, what to do?

If you find your ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit whistling or making a high pitch sound, it's because the hose is dry. Aspirating half a gallon of water with the hose helps it to stop the whistling/loud noise.

At the start of the working day and after each patient you should aspirate a large glass of cold, clear water through the suction hose to prevent the hose getting too dry.

 If you still find your hose making the sound after you have done this procedure, contact

What is the ErgoAirTip?

The ErgoAirTip is an additional interchangeable nozzle to be used together with the ErgoFinger® when doing air polishing procedures or when using an air abrasion device that generates powder.

Each ErgoFinger® comes with a standard nozzle on it, the standard nozzle has a bore size of 11mm. The ErgoAirTip nozzle differs from the standard nozzle in its design and it has a wider diameter (bore size larger than 14mm) for suction in order to collect even more efficiently the powder and aerosols. When using air abrasion or a powder polishing system you just simply remove the standard nozzle that comes pre-assembled with the ErgoFinger® and replace it with the larger ErgoAirTip nozzle.

Why would I use ErgoFinger® HVE tip instead of the traditional HVE tip?

ErgoFinger® HVE tip is a great help especially when working without an assistant with powered instruments like a high-speed dental handpiece or an ultrasound machine or an air polisher. With such devices it is difficult to position accurately the traditional HVE tip, thus it becomes challenging to control effectively and accurately the removal of liquids and aerosols in an ergonomic and patient-friendly way.

The traditional HVE tip is a difficult-to-handle tube made of rigid plastic, and the feeling on the patient´s mucous membranes are often uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. While working with the traditional HVE tip it is also difficult to maintain ergonomically correct working posture, as the hand of the operator tends to remain far away from the patients causing easily hand pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. ErgoFinger® HVE tip helps the clinician to maintain a comfortable and ergonomic posture while working, allowing in particular the arms to stay relaxed and next to the body.

ErgoFinger® comes with a 360-degree rotating nozzle and adjustable length, which allows the aspirator tip to be directed accurately towards the working area. With the variable length of the nozzle, treatments are easier within any area in the oral cavity, making all operations naturally more efficient and accurate. When working on the back teeth, for instance, the length can be extended in order to reach the deeper zones; while working on the front teeth, a shorter position can be used. Thanks to the air-holes and projections, the nozzle does not get attached to the mucous membranes.

The ergonomic design of the ErgoFinger® HVE Tip allows the clinician to easily guide evacuation along with powered instrumentation throughout the mouth. Moreover, ErgoFinger® itself can be used for tissue retraction, and due to the soft and elastic plastic it provides for a patient-friendly way to greatly enhance the visibility of the working area.

Do you sell outside of the United States?

Yes, we do sell outside of the United States. For inquiries outside of the U.S., please contact

Where is the ErgoFinger® manufactured?

The ErgoFinger® is designed and manufactured in Finland. It is a patented innovation by Marianne Granlund & Gunilla Taddeo, two Dental Hygienists, with a passion for working as oral healthcare professionals.