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ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 Adapter

ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 Adapter

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ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 package contains:

  • 1 Adapter (autoclavable)

The ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 Adapter comes preassembled with the ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit.

The ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 Adapter is to made use of with the ErgoFinger® HVE Hose.

The ErgoFinger® 2-IN-1 Adapter is autoclavable.

The Adapter can be attached to all kinds of HVE Valves.

Attach the ErgoFinger® HVE Hose to the current existing HVE Valve of your dental unit with the Adapter.  

Kindly watch our instructional setup video by clicking here.

Watch the instructional video on the usage and infection control procedures for the ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit by clicking here.

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