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ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit

ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit

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ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit Package contains:

  • 1 lightweight HVE Hose
  • 2 autoclavable ErgoFinger® HVE Tailpiece
  • 1 autoclavable ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 Adapter
  • 1 User Manual

The ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit is an accessory containing a lightweight HVE Hose, the ErgoFinger® HVE Tailpiece, and the ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 Adapter. It weighs around 4 oz (120g), and the length of the HVE Hose Kit is ≈6 ft long (≈1.9 m).

The ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit installs easily into any dental unit thanks to the ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 Adapter.

Our HVE Hose Kit makes the difference due to the easier maneuverability allowed by lower weight.

The ErgoFinger® HVE is designed to be used with a lightweight evacuation hose and HVE valve. The ErgoFinger®️ HVE will fit in most HVE valves, but standard hoses and valves are heavy and make it more challenging to work. We do not recommend using the ErgoFinger® HVE together with a heavy HVE hose and a heavy HVE valve.

The ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit is straightforward to install using our ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 adapter attached to your dental unit's existing HVE valve.

Kindly watch our instructional setup video by clicking here.

Watch the instructional video on the usage and infection control procedures for the ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit by clicking here.

The ErgoFinger® HVE Tailpiece and the ErgoFinger® HVE 2-IN-1 Adapter are both reusable and 100 % autoclavable. Refer to the user manual for further instructions regarding infection control procedures here.

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